Lumys provides healthcare professionals
and medical device companies with
a live remote access to the operating theatre

LUMYS by Intradys is an immersive, collaborative and connected communication platform dedicated to remote medical training and medical webinars using mixed reality. During the interventional procedure, LUMYS connects the physician in their operating theatre with colleagues, students and even industrial representative anywhere in the world, in real time.

Direct remote access to the OT

Combining a mixed reality headset and a web platform, the solution is simple to operate and to connect to.

The headset includes a camera, a microphone, and integrated speakers, so the remote participant has a live first-person view of the operating theatre while they discuss about the patient.

Remote users simply connect through LUMYS web platform, with their username and a password.

All the data you need

Using the secure web portal, preoperative 2D and 3D images, patient reports, diagrams, pictures, and 3D objects can be shared.

LUMYS allows the high-resolution streaming of any screen in the operating theatre. Patient names are masked to protect their identity.

Beyond sharing, interacting with the data

Mixed reality brings a new dimension to remote medical communication.

The physician sees through the headset all the data they need as 3D holograms. This unique technology, brought by Microsoft HoloLens, displays the information on top of the actual operating theatre, allowing the physician to operate as usual, to see and hear their team and yet to have an additional virtual cockpit from which they can manage the data.

LUMYS enables each hologram to be a communication widget. Each object displayed in the operating theatre is available for the remote user, on their computer through the web platform. All users, whether they are wearing the headset or remote, can point and annotate, any image, diagram, video stream, document, or 3D object.

LUMYS offers a digital zoom in any image and 3D object for a detailed understanding of the case.

Immerse yourself in the operating theatre

Using the LUMYS platform all the participants feel like being in the same place, side by side.

LUMYS offers unprecedented features such as remote 3D marking: the remote users can click on their screen, in the first-person view of the operating theatre and virtually place 3D landmarks. Ideal to draw attention to a device and give instruction.

Who is LUMYS for?

Training institutes: LUMYS connects physicians in their operating theatre and students. Participants can not only watch a live case but also interact with the physician and the data.

Physicians and hospitals: LUMYS connects the physician in theiroperating theatre and their peers. Thanks to unique communication features, the physician can also benefit from more experienced colleagues during a complex procedureusing these intuitive contactless features.

Medical device companies: their representatives can offer a personalized support from their office: less travel, more interventions. It can also be used for support or technical maintenance. LUMYS can also be used for webinars and workshops: a huge amount of participants anywhere in the world.